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Lowline cattle are 100% Angus genetics – derived from the traditional small Aberdeen Angus cattle of the early 1920s and are able to finish for beef on grass with no need for concentrate feed producing prime high quality beef.

Our Lowline cattle are grassfed and naturally finished with excellent marbelling, tenderness & flavour. We hang our beef on the bone for a minimum of 4 weeks. this draws the moisture from the meat so you will get less shrinkage when cooking plus enables tenderness and a rich depth of flavour to develop.

We like to stock all the popular cuts plus more traditional cuts not always so easily found but that give great flavour and different textures. Certain cuts can be done to order ie whole fillet, rib joints, rolled sirloin. If you are interested in these or indeed any specific cuts of meat please contact us and these can be preordered and added to the cutting list for the next animal.

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