About Chase Royale

A Little More About us!

Chase Royale is owned by Geoff & Pauline Roper, the farm and livestock is managed by David Maughan, assisted by his wife Sam who handles the farm administration, websites, social media, looks after the butchery organisation and meat sales and helps with showing the cattle, plus their 2 children who also help out and enjoy showing the cattle . We raise high quality, grass fed, free range animals on approx 90 acres of lush chalk pastures on the Cranborne Chase in Stubhampton, nr. Blandford Forum, North Dorset.

Our Cattle

We have the Wessex Lowline herd of elite health status, farm assured Lowline Angus cattle – currently the largest herd in Europe of Lowline cattle – a small hardy breed that retains its 100% Aberdeen Angus genetics that is derived from the original “belt buckle” Aberdeen Angus of the early 1900s. They can finish for beef on grass and produce prime quality , tender, well marbled beef naturally. We were very proud in 2016 to be a finalist at the British Farming Awards – Beef Innovator of the year category. Please see our Wessex Lowlines website or Facebook page for more information on this great breed of cattle.

Sheep, Lamb & Goats

We also have a small flock of native breed cross bred sheep to produce our Lamb & mutton and a growing flock of Boer goats which are a meat breed of goats rather than a dairy goat and they produce very healthy goat meat which is sometimes called Chevron or Cabrito. Goat meat is low cholesterol, high in iron , high protein and ounce for ounce contains less saturated fat than chicken.


We also have pork available seasonally. we don’t breed our own pigs but we source traditional breed young ‘weaner’ pigs locally which we then raise here at Stubhampton where they enjoy the spoils of the orchards.

We are pleased to now offer an online facility for buying and ordering your high quality meats direct from the farm which we can either arrange to be delivered by overnight courier or can be collected from our on farm outlet located at Dairy Farm Barns in Stubhampton.

Free Delivery

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